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  • Review Analytics

    We work on the analytics to see if the website needs new updates or content for the boost.

  • WordPress/Plugins Update

    Outdated WordPress cores and plugins are useless, which is why we keep them updated all the time.

  • Broken Links Identification

    Broken links can offend visitors, so we check every link to make sure they are valid and working.

  • Website Speed

    A slow website can be frustrating. We optimise the website speed so you can get more happy visitors.

  • Automated backups

    Automated backups are a smart move. We help back up your site and its contents to prevent data loss.

  • WordPress Maintenance

    We love our clients which is why we work on everything that covers their website maintenance service plan.


Website Maintainance

Our exclusive website maintenance service covers simple updates to all major or comprehensive website care operations. Website by Designs takes care of all your website’s maintenance needs to ensure quality and seamless performance while you can concentrate and focus more on your business.  Let us help keep your website fresh. Get in touch with us today!


With our website maintenance service, you get

WordPress Maintenance

Themes and plugins maintenance service assures the integrity of your website without any disruption

Security updates and checks

We help protect your website from getting blacklisted by search engines that can lay a negative impact on your business operations

Site Speed Optimisation

Our website speed optimization service helps control the loading speed of your website to prevent higher bounce rates and loss of visitors.

Virus and Malware Removal

Our exclusive website maintenance service covers the detection and removal of any technical issues due to viruses and malware to keep your website protected at all times from any cyber-attacks. 

Website Hosting

Get quality website hosting solutions on localised servers for faster connectivity of your users and visitors, with lesser loading time of the web pages.

Regular data and content backups

Our service saves your precious website data safe and secured with the help of regular data and content backup process to prevent any loss in case something goes wrong with your website.

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    Our website maintenance service includes

    • Our first initiative in maintaining your website is to get to know about your WordPress core updates. We begin the process by checking for updates since they are not a one-time thing. Obsolete plugins can hamper the performance of the website so we update them. We login to your admin area and get everything updated.
    • To work on the site’s security checks we work on the planning and prioritising of the issues that require immediate attention. After this, we move ahead to check the site’s security status and performance. Once we scan and determine the results, we determine the intensity of the problem. Once the threat score is identified we finally go-ahead to fix the vulnerabilities.
    • To optimise the speed of your website we take certain steps to identify the problem and rectify them. First, we see if the website in a better hosting server since they highly influence the speed. Second, we try and reduce the size of the images on the website. Following this, we reduce the number of plugins, Javascript and CSS files. In some cases, Website caching is also followed along with Gzip compressions. We optimise the database in CMS and reduce the use of web fonts to speed up your website.
    • We always have the option of getting the CMS/Plugins updates automatically or manually. Although automatically updating is the best option still we often go for the manual process since automatic updates can fail sometimes. In the manual process, we download the latest version of WordPress and we unpack it. To prevent a plugin for bugging during an update, we turn off all the plugins in use. Post this we delete and replace the concern files with new ones. We then upload the new content folder into the old one and do the same in the root directory. The database needs to be updated. We do that by visiting the administration panel. Following this, we update the CMS/Plugins.
    • Broken links can cause bigger problems if they are not solved in time. Broken links can affect and harm your organic ranks. This process involves the use of our specialised technologies and software to identify the broken links. Post identification and rectification we check if the backlinks are intact or broken. If it is the other way around, we work on it too.
    • To update the contents, our first step is to set up the objectives and conversions such as the goals. Then we move on to the inventory content and the updates identification process to get a clear view of the content to update and optimise. We dig into the content and try to analyse and check its performance. Upon getting the feedback we apply our strategy we reconstruct our content. We always keep our content updated with new and fresh ones for better performance, engagement and site optimisation.
    • As a website browser, plugins and script library get updated, they cause trouble for the website to be displayed correctly. We take the initiative to review some of the critical website pages on different devices to check out their compatibility on different devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, androids and iPhones.

    Our Clients Love Our Work

    We are absolutely committed to completing your on time, point and budget. Every stage in our website maintenance service processes involves our expert developers and designers who adhere to your requirements and timelines. We not only develop websites that look great but they are all custom made to meet your business goals. Our dedication to our clients the reason why our clients love working with us.

    Friendly Service

    If a company isn’t friendly it is not for you. We offer user-friendly websites and web maintenance services.

    Honest Advice

    We work with complete dedication and also offer honest advice related to all your web maintenance service queries.

    Satisfaction Guarenteed

    Website By Designs offers you the best quality web development services with guaranteed results and satisfaction.

    Quality Reputation

    We believe in offering and producing high-quality work related to all web maintenance services.

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