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  • PHP & WordPress

    We use PHP, HTML, CSS3, Javascript as the primary coding language for the WordPress CMS development process.

  • Analysis & Review

    We analyse the performance of the website during its development and review its output.

  • Testing

    We keep on testing for any error related to the framework, design or performance.

  • Hosting & Go live

    Once we seal off all the loops, we upload your website on the live server for the world to see.

  • Website Maintenance

    To avoid inconvenience we are happy to provide you with our maintenance services.


Website development

Whether you are looking for a simple or a designer website, our web design company offers you a comprehensive and custom-tailored website development service that is made to suit all small, medium and large enterprises. With a great pool of resources and the right technical knowledge, we provide you with a complete front to end solution for your business.


With our web development services you get

Positive user Experience

Our unique website designs with the right blend of UI and UX  are our primary focus for every of our website development projects.

System Integration

We help you link your existing business workflow processes with the right mix of updated knowledge, experience and technology.

Better Content Management System (CMS)

With our user-friendly and intuitive CMS, you can manage your own website, add new content, make changes, change prices and much more even without having any experience in coding!

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    The platforms we use for website development


    • WordPress is one of our primary content management systems that we use for developing websites. It is one of the most popular content management systems that power more than 30% of the websites. WordPress helps things to go smoothly for our website development processes. It is user-friendly and simple to update. This is why we choose to work with WordPress as one of the platforms for web development.

    • Magento is a useful and feature-packed e-commerce platform that we use to develop our websites. Website development is a complex process. With Magento, we develop websites that are suitable for content marketing and branding. It offers full accessibility through plug-ins making it highly useful, flexible and customisable. With Magento, we deliver you websites that would reflect your brand and business.

    • Drupal is another platform that we use for website development. It is similar to WordPress and Magento. With years it has grown into a stable, flexible and customisable content management system.  The friendly and seamless integration makes it one of the popular CMS platforms for our web development processes. With Drupal, you can expect us to deliver the best website for your business.

    • Joomla is an award-winning content management system that empowers website developers like us. It is one of the most popular CMS that has received sponsorship from Google. With thousands of templates and extensions, we develop your site to meet your specific needs. Plus Joomla is SEO friendly, mobile-friendly, flexible and fully extensible. This is why Joomla is another choice of CMS platform for us.

    • Shopify is an all in one platform that helps create the best e-commerce websites. With all the e-commerce and point of sale features, we help start, run and grow your business. Millions of people have greatly benefitted from Shopify, which is why we choose Shopify as our CMS for your business website. Now add more features and functionality to your business that integrates directly with Shopify.

    Why should you choose us?

    We are committed to completing your on time, point and budget. Each stage of our processes involves expert developers and designers who meet your requirements and deadlines. All our custom websites are developed to meet your business goals. Our dedication and passion is the reason why our clients love working with us.

    Friendly Service

    If a company isn’t friendly it is not for you. We offer both friendly services and user-friendly websites.

    Honest Advice

    We not only work with dedication but we also offer honest advice related to all your web development services.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Website By Designs offers you the best web development services with guaranteed results and satisfaction.

    Quality Reputation

    We believe in offering high-quality work for all our web development services.

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    general web development faqs

    • WordPress is a platform that is easily accessible and manageable by the clients, themselves. It is also search engine (SEO) friendly and easy to integrate with third-party organisations. Also, you can have complete control over the website design making it look professional. WordPress enables one to install extra plug-ins which is a huge advantage for users. With thousands of themes, templates and online support WordPress is the number one choice for developers.

    • Yes, absolutely! Having a mobile and user-friendly website is more important than anything else. You never know in which platform your users are going to look at your website. This is why we work to make sure that your website looks good on all devices, like phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

    • Website By Designs is an established web development and website hosting company that has been delivering all kinds of projects with varying complexities to its clients, all across Australia. We have adopted a detailed eye for sophistication with a deep understanding of all the website requirements since our establishment. This is what makes us unique, in a manner.

    • Your visitors might see some elements depending on the browser they would be using along with the screen resolution and settings. We design and develop sites and preview them in different browsers to evaluate the setting before going live.

    • The time for developing a website depends on the complexity of the site. If you have any deadline, we shall work hard to keep up with it.

    • The price of developing a website depends on its complexity and we would be happy to discuss all the requirements and provide you with a quote at any point in time.

    Our Services Includes