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Looking for SEO Company in Sydney ? Website By Designs is the one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. Get your website rankings with our exclusive SEO services


  • Keyword Research

    To help your website gather better traffic and rank higher we go for intensive keyword research sessions.

  • Content Creation

    Outdated content is not helpful, which is why we choose to regularly update fresh content and focus on unique content creation

  • Organic Link Building

    Broken links can offend visitors, so we check every link to ensure that they are strong and organic.

  • Analytics & Report

    Analytics helps us define the content performance of a website so we choose to frequently analyse and gather feedback for improvement.

  • Friendly service

    Website By Designs presents you with fairly user-friendly websites along with a friendly SEO service in Sydney.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    We offer you the best quality SEO services with guaranteed results and satisfaction regarding rankings and traffic.



Drive insane traffic to your website and get a better boost in lead generation and sales with our premium SEO and digital marketing service. Drive your sales to a new height with genuine leads and conversions with our rock-solid SEO service and strategy that works. 

We implement our effective SEO and digital marketing techniques to help rank your website higher on search engines making it even easier for your patrons to find you. Here at Website by Designs, we optimise your website to deliver and help connect you with your right customers. 


With our SEO services you get

Ethical SEO services

We only engage in ethical industry practises and this is also applicable for our digital marketing services. We don’t want to ruin our reputation by unprofessional operations so we only stick to quality “White Hat” and organic techniques to help rank your website.

Fixed Account management

We only assign a single point of contact for all your digital marketing and SEO related communications to prevent any mess, confusion and unorganised work. 

Optimising leads and conversions

We focus on exceeding your expectations and do not stop after your website starts getting smooth traffic and ranks higher. We implement the best techniques and practises to help you get the maximum return in investment (ROI).

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    website audit

    We dedicatedly work on website audits to help analyse and upgrade your website for a better ranking in Google and improve the traffic flow,

    keyword research

    We primarily focus on keyword researching while creating content for your website. Our aim is to offer updated and popular keywords for the target audience.

    on-page optimisation

    We constantly work on the individual pages of the site to help rank the entire website higher in the search engine and earn more relevant traffic.

    image optimisation.

    We don’t overlook image optimisation while working on the stability and performance of the website. Image SEO is equally important to us.

    Site Map Creations

    We work in creating a model of the site’s content that is designed to help both the user and the search engine to help navigate the website.

    analytics monitoring & report

    We keep ourselves updated with the regular analysis of the website’s performance on the internet, keep a track of the reports and work accordingly.

    Our Clients Love Our Work

    We are not just a Website Design and Development Agency – We are here to support and help you with our  Website Maintenance and SEO service so that you can concentrate on your business growth. Through our result and goal-oriented solutions, we have helped deliver accurate and measurable outcomes that have empowered our clients, which is why they all love to work with us.

    Friendly Service

    If a company isn’t friendly it is not for you. We offer the best web-related services along with a friendly SEO service.

    Honest Advice

    Not only we follow strong work ethics but we also offer you honest advice on your SEO service related queries and concerns.

    Satisfaction Guarenteed

    Website By Designs offers you with the best and superior quality SEO services with guaranteed results and satisfaction

    Quality Reputation

    We work hard to offer you with superior-quality SEO services because we do not like to tarnish our reputation.

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    general SEO faqs

    • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is engaged when you try to get a page to rank higher in the search engines, with a goal of increasing organic(unpaid) traffic to your website or web page

    • SEO is just one discipline that is encompassed by SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEM includes Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO. As long it is in the search engine, you can consider it as search engine marketing!

    • On-page SEO is referred to as the strategies or steps taken on or within a web page to help it rank higher in the search engine. This includes both content creation and HTML coding of a page(image optimisation, keyword optimisation and so on) but doe not include the external links or any other external signals.

    • Keyword researching is a method that helps you determine the right keywords with whose help you can optimise the existing and upcoming pages of your website. It can also be defined as a way of determining the nature of queries that people are looking for in the search engines so that you can target those “keywords” for content creation. And they would show up when people would enter such words the next time.

    • Keywords researching can be done with specialised software or tools available all over the internet. Google keyword planner is one such tool with which you can determine the popular keywords of the current phrase.

    • Yes absolutely! If you are not aware or familiar with a more secured form of HTTP, your SEO is likely to get affected. Not only Google looks on pages with a secure link but it also indexes HTTP pages first by recognising the HTTP as a ranking signal. HTTP is faster than HTTP so you can expect that it would affect the click-through rate. Changing to HTTP can certainly leave a positive impact on your website ranking.

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